St. Mark’s Dress Code & School Uniform

St. Mark’s Lutheran School has a uniform-style of dress for all students. Students are required to wear shirts, sweatshirts (both zipper style and pullover), or sweaters that can be purchased either through Lands’ End or Allstar Promotions. Students should be dressed and groomed in a manner that is a credit to the student, the parents, and the school; thus, student dress and grooming should be in good taste, fit properly (not too baggy or tight), and is appropriate for the school day and related activities. Clothes should always be neat and clean. Students may not write on their clothing, their shoes, or themselves. Any clothing viewed by the administration to be disruptive or that appears gang related will not be allowed. 


You can order official school uniforms from the following stores:

Physical Education Dress Code

All students must wear tennis shoes for Physical Education class. Students in grades 5-8 must wear running shoes with support (no Vans, Keds, or skate shoes). Students in 5-8 must purchase a P.E. uniform from the school. Students must change out of their P.E. uniforms before going to the next class for hygiene reasons.

Relaxed Dress Days

Occasionally during the school year, students will be allowed relaxed dress. Relaxed dress is not “free” dress. Students have the privilege to participate if they follow these guidelines: 

  1. Shirts, sweatshirts and jackets worn must be considered school appropriate (no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, musical performer/bands, inappropriate video games, songs or movies, violence, weapons, etc.). 
  2. Pants, shorts, and skirts must follow normal dress code requirements with the exception that athletic shorts or pants may be worn. 
  3. Footwear, hair, cosmetics, jewelry, and misc. must follow normal dress code. 


The administration reserves the right to determine whether student dress is appropriate. The school considers this a matter of parent responsibility and urges all parents to monitor their children’s clothing and grooming. Students should not arrive at school inappropriately dressed. If you have questions, contact the administration prior to sending your child to school.