was the theme for this year's 34th Annual Silent Auction, which took place at the Marconi Automotive Museum on Saturday, February 25, 2023!

Thank you to all the members of our SML community who made this year's Silent Auction such a great success!

Pictures from the 34th Annual Silent Auction


St. Mark’s Silent Auction

The St. Mark’s annual Silent Auction has long been a component of our fundraising efforts. This financial support allows us to provide the best possible learning environment for our students and to be a thriving spiritual and academic beacon in our community. The past 33 auctions have financed and sustained several projects including our technology programs, enabling us to provide individual iPads for each student, and to install new Kindergarten playground equipment.

The Auction is a coordinated effort with the St. Mark’s Booster Club parents. Our events have been on site, at outside venues, and have been held virtually. The Auction items for sale include travel, vacations, merchandise, theme park passes, and events offered for the students with their favorite SML teacher.


Lori Hamrock Family2

“When people are thinking about the auction and purchasing an item, what I always found to be the greatest gift about St. Mark's was that the money that is raised for the school has always been used wisely…every year when the kids come back to school, there's something new. There's an all-weather track, there's a rock-climbing wall, there's a new gym floor, there's new curriculum, maybe new iPads. Whatever it is, there is always something where the money has been used wisely for your children.”

Lori Hamrock
SML Alumnae Parent