St. Mark’s SCRIP Fundraiser

Picture this: You head out to run some errands. On the way, you drive-thru a Starbucks to grab a caffeinated pick-me-up before you pull into the gas station to fill the tank. Next up is the grocery store, followed by a quick stop at Target. You couldn’t quite find everything you need, so Amazon it is! In total, you spend $400 today. Guess what? You just earned $28 for your kids’ school. On the way home, you pick up a pizza for the family. That’s another $1 for good old St. Mark’s Lutheran!

How is this possible? Welcome to SCRIP.

The concept is simple: St. Mark’s purchase gift cards, or SCRIP, from popular retailers at a discount, which the retailers are happy to give because they're guaranteeing themselves customers and some goodwill advertising. Parents then buy the gift cards from St. Mark’s at face value. The difference in price is kept by the school. Parents spend the SCRIP at the retailer, where it's worth the full-face value; they haven't spent an extra dime to help the school.

SCRIP is a national program to help non-profit groups and schools earn money. Families purchase prepaid merchandise gift cards for local and national businesses through the Shop with SCRIP company. These gift cards are just like cash. In appreciation for your patronage, these businesses give St. Mark’s Lutheran School between 2% to 25% of the face value on the gift card. Gift cards are available from over 300 national and local retailers. A few examples include cards for groceries, clothing, movies, dining, and gasoline purchases.


St. Mark's Mandatory SCRIP Policy
(K-8th Only)

Each St. Mark’s Kindergarten through 8th grade family is required to participate in this fundraiser in one of two ways:

  1. Purchase $2,500 in SCRIP cards throughout the year, either in one lump sum, various amounts, or in whatever way is convenient for your family.
  2. Instead of purchasing cards, your family can choose the Buy-Out option for $350. The $350 Buy-Out option may be paid in one lump sum to the School Office.

The fulfillment of either the $2,500 SCRIP cards or the $350 Buy-Out option must be completed by April 6, 2023.


During the school year, SCRIP is available for immediate purchase at Room 6 from 7:30 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, SCRIP is available from 2:30 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. Parents may also drop off completed SCRIP order forms with the payment at any time during School Office hours or via an email to These orders will be filled within 24 hours if we have your order in stock. If we need to order SCRIP to complete your purchase, it will take approximately two weeks. Orders are available for pick-up in the School Office.  

Please note that the School Office does not sell SCRIP as this is done through our SCRIP Room. The School Office personnel, however, will accept orders with payment and distribute completed orders. If you are unable to visit the SCRIP Room during its business hours, you may drop off your order/payment and pick up the order from the School Office.

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