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Math Olympiad

St. Mark’s offers its mathletes the chance to prove that math is as easy as “pi”! Our Math Olympiad program meets after school and challenges 4th and 5th graders to solve higher level math questions by using a variety of strategies. Throughout the year, they compete in 5 contests to quickly complete difficult math problems in a set period.

Math Counts Comp

Math Counts

Math Counts is an extracurricular opportunity for our 6th-8th graders to get some additional practice in algebra, geometry, algebra 2, and word problems. Meeting once a week before school, these students use critical thinking skills and incorporate alternative methods to solve problems quickly. Eventually, the top 10 SML mathletes participate in the San Gabriel Valley competition.



For our advanced math students heading into 8th grade, there is an opportunity for them to take a summer Algebra course to prepare them for a year of Geometry before they graduate and go to high school. Taking place during the 1st Session of Summer School, qualified students meet for three hours a day over six weeks to finish up their Algebra studies. This culminates with a test to determine that they are indeed ready for Geometry.