Youth Science Center

Geared toward our little Kindergarten lions, the Youth Science Center brings the excitement of science to the SML campus. This six-week after school program focuses on astronomy, chemistry, Earth science, ecology, and physics as the students participate in projects like creating astronaut food, building a hot air balloon, and making their own seed paper.


Academic Chess

Open to Kindergarten through 5th graders, Academic Chess promotes the merits of chess among kids by using stories, dances, and catchy songs to make the game exciting and easy to understand. After six-weeks of after school on-campus instruction, all students participate in a tournament.



With three leveled classes geared for Kindergarten through 6th graders, Play Well offers St. Mark’s students the opportunity to explore concepts in engineering and architecture – all while using LEGOs! This eight-week on campus workshop introduces projects that allow students to work in an open-ended, investigative, and fun environment.


3D Printing

Windtree Education Programs incorporates 3D printing and design to inspire future science and technology leaders – right here on the St. Mark’s campus. Available to students in the 4th-6th grades, these kids will learn the core concepts of 3D modelling, create technical drawings, and develop an understanding of how a 3D printer works.

Cooking Class

“Cooking With Kids”

“Cooking With Kids” is a once monthly class after school that teaches 3rd-8th graders the basics of proper kitchen etiquette, kitchen safety, knife safety, proper food handling, and, of course, how to prepare some yummy food. During this two-hour class led by Ms. Ferrini, students may learn how to prepare a main dish, an appetizer, and/or a dessert depending on the theme that month. When class is over, they will have a dish to take home to share with their families.


“What Are We Creating”

“What Are We Creating” is an after school program led by our art teacher, Ms. Ferrini, with classes once or twice monthly that provides a safe and fun environment for kids to create. Students of all age ranges learn about a new artistic process that they will then use to complete an activity such as cupcake decorating, tie-dying, making slime, or putting together a holiday floral arrangement – the possibilities are endless! When class is over, they will have a finished product to take home to show their parents/guardians.